Repair Your Hair with Fever Salon's Summer Recovery Sets

Summer is dead, so is your hair. You had your fun, now it's time to repair the sins of summer.

Summer is Dead, So Is Your Hair Repair Kit ($80)

Summer is Dead, So Is Your Hair

Bring your hair back to life with this combination of products designed to restore, restructure, and rejuvenate.

Summer is Dead Hair Repair Kit includes:

  • Nourishing Shampoo - its creamy texture produces a full bodied, rich foam. Gently restores the structure of hair.
  • Nourishing Hair Building PAK - Restructures and nourishes the hair shaft and scalp, leaving the hair soft, shiny and full-bodied. After two uses at 10 minutes each, you will be back to being a classy lady!
  • Oi - Extraordinary shine and softness to the hair. Strong detangling and restructuring action. Anti-frizz effect–2 to 3 squeezes of Oi on damp hair and you are ready to go!
  • THIS IS A RELAXING MOISTURIZING FLUID - Controls hair helping to obtain a perfectly straight look. Eliminates frizz. Moisturizes curls (Yes it can be used to control jerky curls!) Humidity proof. Excellent support if used with hot tools.

All for $80!

Repair for Fine & Stressed Hair Kit ($50)

Repair for Fine & Stressed Hair

Keep your hair healthy and vibrant. Replenish nutrients and make your hair work for you!

Repair for Fine & Stressed Hair Kit includes:

  • DEDE shampoo - Designed in mind for the woman who tells me they CAN'T go more than one day without washing the oil from their hair. No stress or harm to hair, leaving it soft, shiny and silky. Frequent washing is no longer a problem.
  • DEDE Delicate Replenishing Leave-in Mist - Designed for the men & women with fine hair who do not like to use conditioner.
  • THIS IS AN OIL NON-OIL - Do not be scared of the word oil in this product! All of the benefits of oil without that weighed down oil look & feel. Gives structure. Dries out quickly. Does not leave residue. Has a memory effect. Anti-frizz action. Anti-gravity action. Workable.

All for $50!

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